ESNM Newsletter - October 2017

Lifetime Achievement Award

Close to 500 delegates from over 40 nations attended the NeuroGASTRO 2017 congress in Cork, Irleand at the famous builidings of the University College Cork. Most of them were there and watched André Smout receiving the award for his lifetime achievements in the field of neurogastroenterology and motility.

Congratulation André Smout!

Interviews with Opinion Leaders at the NeuroGASTRO 2017

Watch the interview with Giulia Enders and find out how she benefits from participating in the NeuroGASTRO Congress.

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Best Abstracts NeuroGASTRO 2015

"The impact of naloxegol treatment on gastrointestinal transit and colonic volume" by Debbie Grønlund

This study investigated whether administration of naloxegol, a peripheral opioid-receptor antagonist, could reduce regional transit time, colorectal volume, and GI symptoms using an experimental model of OIBD.

Click here to read more (Abstract 187 p. 93)

"Disruption of colonic microbiome and circulating metabolome in antibiotic-treated mice" by Angela Jacan

After antibiotic intervention for 10 days (neomycin, meropenem, vancomycin and bacitracin) the stool microbiome composition of C57BL6/N mice does not return to normal after 9 weeks of recovery from antibiotic intervention. Plasma metabolomics on the last day of antibiotic intervention revealed an increase in aspartic acid in synbiotic-treated animals compared to placebo controls.”

Click here to read more (Abstract 4 p. 4)


In Memoriam Theo Peeters

The European society on Neurogastroenterology and Motility has lost one of its leading authorities in the field of gastrointestinal peptides. After a long and devastating illness Theo Peeters has passed away in his home in Leuven on July 11th 2017.
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Participate in the European (ESPEN/ESNM) survey on clinicians' perspectives on the diagnosis and management of gastrointestinal dysmotility in adults

Recent European studies have confirmed that gastrointestinal motility disorders represent a common cause of malnutrition and chronic (Type III) intestinal failure.  The aim of this short survey is to evaluate current opinions on the diagnosis and management of gastrointestinal dysmotility amongst clinical practitioners in Europe. We hypothesize that there will be a variation in opinions and clinical practice between experts across Europe in diagnosing and managing gastrointestinal dysmotility.

We would therefore be very grateful if you could support our survey!
Click here to start the questionnaire.

Society News: Turkish Neurogastroenterology Motility Study Group

The Turkish Neurogastroenterology Motility Study Group was created in 2008. It continues to work under the umbrella of the Turkish Society of Gastroenterology. Since it was established every year there has been 3 to 4 scientific activities held annually in university and training hospitals in different regions of Turkey. Five activities were organized in 2016.
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Society News: Polish Neurogastroenterology and Motility  Group - Activities September 2017

Poland was this year’s partner country of the Annual Meeting of the German Society of Gastroenterology held in Dresden, September 13-16, 2017 and contributed with three talks “Neurogastroenterology – from Bench to Bedside”: “The blood-brain-gut barrier – an emerging concept in gastroenterology” (Wojciech Marlicz), “The role of gut microbiota in Parkinson’s disease” (Agata Mulak) and “The role of nutrition in irritable bowel syndrome” (Jakub Fichna)
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Come and stop by at the ESNM Booth at the UEG Week!

The UEG Week will be held from Saturday October 28, to Wednesday November 1, 2017 in the Fira Gran Via venue, Barcelona, Spain.
We look forward to meeting you at our society booth in hall 8.0 in the UEG Association Village!

UEG Week Pathways

Find the speciality track for ESNM Members in the UEG Week Online Programme. Over 60 sessions relate to the topic of Neurogastroenterology & Motility. Check out the UEG Week Pathways Tool that helps you to find the sessions that are most relevant and interesting for your speciality!

Common Interest Group Meeting  - You are welcome to join!

Faecal Microbiota Transplantation in Clinical Practice
Loss of species diversity and microbial gene richness in the gut microbiome is commonly reported in individuals affected by chronic non-communicable diseases. Maintaining gut microbiota diversity is a novel clinical target for health promotion and disease prevention. Functional foods and microbiota transplantation are useful tools for improving host-microbial symbiosis.

6-years experience and follow-up of an FMT program; Max Nieuwdorp, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Autologous FMT in patients treated with bone marrow transplantation;  Joel Dore, INRA, Paris (France)
FMT in IBD: pros and cons; Harry Sokol, Hopital Saint Antoine, Paris (France)

Monday October 30, 5:30-7:00 pm, Room B5,  Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain!

Normal values for esophageal pH impedance monitoring                             
The CIG Meeting on normal values for esophageal pH impedance monitoring  will take place on October 29, 2017 5:00-7:00 pm in Room L8, Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain

Upcoming ESNM Events

Endorsed Events

  • GERD: Guidelines on Esophageal Function Testing and Interpretation: The Lyon Consensus Meeting
    Date: November 10, 2017
    Location: Université Claude Bernard Lyon , France
  • Probiotics in Digestive Medicine Meeting of Croatian Functional Bowel Diseases group  with regional co-ordination
    Date: November 24-26, 017
    Location: Hotel Golfer, Sv. Martin na Muri, Croatia

Educational Events

  • ESNM – SRGH – TGD Hands-on Course for Gastrointestinal Manometry and Functional Investigation
  • Date: March 21-24, 2018
  • Location: Cluj-Napoca Romania
  • A unique opportunity to train in esophageal and ano-rectal high resolution manometry, 24h pH-impedance monitoring, to learn about the use of breath tests in clinical practice and to interact and discuss interesting clinical cases with distinguished faculty.

Save the Date

3rd Meeting of the Federation of Neurogastroenterology and Motility and Postgraduate Course on Gastrointestinal and Motility (FNM 2018)
August 29 - September 1, 2018, RAI Convention Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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