Newsletter Delivery

With the KundenMeister you can send attractive and professional newsletters at the touch of a button

Personalized Newsletter Delivery with the KundenMeister

Not only that can you create e-mail newsletters with the KundenMeister, but you can also send newsletters and mailings directly via the CRM newsletter tool. The KundenMeister combines many features into a single database to ensure the best use of distribution lists, contact information and intelligent filters to personalize your newsletter delivery. In addition to personal content and salutations, our newsletter system also offers various types of shipping to increase the acceptance and opening rates of your e-mail newsletter. Depending on the topic and time of creation of your mailings, you determine the exact time of your newsletter dispatch with the newsletter dispatch tool – this can be done immediately or with a time lag, so that an optimal approach of all target groups is guaranteed. Convince yourself of the advantages and sophisticated features of the KundenMeister CRM software!

Integrated Test Function of Our Newsletter Program

Before you send your newsletter to selected recipients, it is sufficient to test this to avoid unpleasant surprises such as typing errors, broken links or problems in presentation and personalization. By sending free test mail to an unlimited number of e-mail addresses, you can check the correctness of your mailings and make necessary corrections in the newsletter system before sending your e-mail newsletter. The dispatch of your test newsletter takes place immediately after input of the respective mail addresses and thus enables the ideal cooperation in the team. The test shipment in the KundenMeister is not bound to specific persons, so that you can enter different test addresses for each individual newsletter. Biggest benefit: In addition to spelling or presentation errors, newsletters can also be checked for the correctness of the content by qualified employees from the respective departments.

To give you an exact idea of how your e-mails will look when you send newsletters to your customers, partners and suppliers, test data is already being used for test sending and links are displayed in full clickable form. In addition, the e-mail newsletter software can be easily checked with the Responsive Design and the correct display on all common end devices thanks to different formats for desktop and mobile view.

Newsletter Management via Distribution Lists, Contact Groups and Co.

In order to ensure a target group-oriented approach, our CRM newsletter tool offers numerous filter options for newsletter dispatch. The segmentation of your recipients can be based on a variety of criteria, from personal to buyer behavior specific data. With the intelligent filters of the KundenMeister, your newsletter management becomes child’s play.

  • Contact groups: Contact groups allow in the newsletter dispatch software a general summary of contacts to groups of people, such as customers, partners, and suppliers. Of course, here too, further subdivisions into subgroups such as A-customers, B-customers etc. can be made for a more specific approach.
  • Distribution lists: Distribution lists allow you to assign your contacts to specific interests/topics. So that your contacts only really receive those newsletters that are of interest to them, with the newsletter program you have the possibility to query your interests via newsletter registration forms.
  • Features: Contacts can also be broken down into roles such as business management, sales reps, production staff, and more. Especially in the B2B area, this form of segmentation can play an important role in the success of your newsletter shipping.
  • Products: Cross-selling is a very popular strategy in e-mail marketing to sell additional products to existing customers. With the product filter, the newsletter program enables the newsletter to be sent to those contacts who have already bought a specific product of your company.
  • Events: With the event filter, only those recipients in the newsletter mailing who have previously taken part in a particular event are considered. So you can easily offer follow-up seminars for interested parties or send fair attendees later information about specific offers.
  • Additional filters: Using demographic data, you can restrict your e-mail newsletters to companies, regions, etc.

Reports and Evaluations with Our CRM Newsletter Tool

Thanks to our own newsletter reports, our newsletter delivery software provides you with real-time statistics for each individual newsletter. Our intuitive reports determine the performance of your mailings in just a few clicks, from the opening rate to the click through rate to the bounce and unsubscribe rate of your e-mail newsletter. Based on the newsletter evaluations, you will be able to continuously optimize your mailings and adapt them to the interests and reading habits of your recipients.

If you also need your reports as an Excel file, you can use the newsletter system of KundenMeister to perform an Excel export at the touch of a button and process the data accordingly.