Calendar Synchronization

How to synchronize your appointments with your Outlook application

CalDAV is a network protocol that enables you to access and synchronize calendar files via WebDAV.

Required data for setup

Server =
Username = Mail address of your KundenMeister account
Password = Password of your KundenMeister account

Configuration in KundenMeister

Before the synchronization of calendars can be set up, it is necessary to select the calendar categories for the synchronization in KundenMeister.
This setting can be made in Organization / Calendar / Categories.
Please edit the category and activate the checkbox CalDAV Sync.



Settings / Mail, Contacts, Calendar / Add Account / Others / Add CardDAV Account



Plugin for Outlook synchronization

To synchronize your KundenMeister calendar with Outlook, we recommend the Outlook plugin "Outlook CalDAV Synchronizer" (

Step 1:

After installing the plugin and restarting Outlook you will find the menu item "CalDav Synchronizer".
In there please open "Synchronization Profiles".

Step 2:

Add a new profile.

Step 3:

Please choose the profile type „Generic CalDAV/CardDAV“.
Confirm your selection by clicking OK.

Step 4:

Please follow the following steps:

  1. Enter a profile name
  2. Choose an empty calendar folder or create a new one
  3. Enter the DAV URL „
  4. Please enter your login data of your KundenMeister account; Email = Username
  5. Click "Test or discover settings" to continue with the setup

Step 5:

Now all calendar categories from KundenMeister, which are activated for the synchronization, are shown. You can only select ONE calendar category per profile. Confirm your selection by clicking OK.

Step 6:

If the setup was successful, the following message appears:

Step 7:

The DAV URL wil now be complepted after your selection:

Step 8:

To complete the setup, Outlook should be restarted once.
Depending on the settings, the plugin now automatically synchronizes the desired calendar category.
Alternatively, you can trigger the synchronization manually.