An app that assists you anytime, anywhere

Take your business software with you and manage your customer relationships, sales activities, appointments and finances anywhere. Because while you contact leads with a fingertip and take precise notes on site for smooth follow-up, the calendar and task management ensures that your upcoming working day is easy to visualise.

With the KundenMeister app, thanks to real-time synchronization, you stay in contact with colleagues at anytime and know immediately about important changes, even when you’re on the move.

The data you need. Wherever you go.

With the KundenMeister app, important contact details are just a click away and can be called up anywhere and anytime. This not only allows you to work more efficiently, but also to exchange information with your team about important customers, other activities and previous campaigns at any time while you are on the go.

Due to the comprehensive contact history and a powerful global search function, relevant contact information are immediately available. With the help of comments and voice notes, you can log calls and customer visits directly on site and track all customer communication via smartphone, tablet, etc.

For us, professional work goes beyond the office

On the way to the office or to the first customer, you can use the KundenMeister app to check all appointments and planned tasks for the day. Well prepared and due it’s mobile overview of tasks, calendars and projects, you and your colleagues inform each other about current activities and important status changes. Therefore, you can react accordingly and initiate necessary measures anytime, anywhere. And the next time you look at your smartphone, you’ll know exactly what to do next.

In addition, our KundenMeister app impresses with its mobile time recording, with which you and your employees – whether in sales, on the construction site or simply on the way home from the office, can record working times anytime and anywhere with just a few clicks.

Designed to get the most out of your business

One software suitable for all industries. Functions that cover all areas of your company. An intuitive user interface to work easier and faster. Adaptability to be exactly the software you need.
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The ultimate tool for your sales force

Tight schedules often make it difficult for sales representatives to keep track of all sales activities and stay up to date. That is why we use our KundenMeister app to ensure that a glance at your smartphone is enough to be optimally informed about sales opportunities and orders and to be optimally prepared for tactical sales talks.

Your sales team stays in contact with leads even while on the move and can log and call up important information about customers and potencial buyers in seconds. In addition, our comment function enables the simple recording of customer visits and the direct filing of important documents.

Your finances to go

Whether via mobile phone, tablet or even via your smartwatch – with us you, as CEO, sales manager and Co., can always keep control and make data-supported decisions. Because our KundenMeister app shows you all your income, open items and other financial key figures at the push of a button.

If an online shop is also operated, our app informs you in real time about your online sales and orders.


  • Upcoming appointments and tasks at a glance
  • Extensive contact history for optimal appointment preparation
  • Easy logging of customer visits and phone calls
  • Quickly retrieve or file important documents
  • Better teamwork due to real-time synchronization
  • Quick overview of finances, income & online sales
  • Powerful search for quick and important data location
Hans-Peter Wolf
Hans-Peter Wolf
Hans-Peter Wolf
Head of sales & Authorised Signatory

Our contact person for our KundenMeister integrations is available to you at any time by phone or email. We would gladly make an appointment for an exclusive consultation or training.