KundenMeister Outlook Integration

We guarantee smooth collaboration between Outlook and our KundenMeister software and take the work of your team to a whole new level. Regardless of whether it is contacts, appointments or your e-mail correspondence – all important data can be called up immediately in the desired program and at any time.

Extensive customer data anywhere,

Whether employees in sales or service: precisely because these people are in constant contact with customers and ensure that they are satisfied, it is all the more important that they always know about all the necessary customer and order-related information.

With Outlook contact synchronization, you make sure that the address books on your smartphones, tablets and other devices are synchronized directly with the contacts from our system and that you can access your customer information from anywhere.

Perfect for your business emails

By simply capturing your Outlook e-mails, you and your team can call up all relevant information at the push of a button in the KundenMeister. Regardless of whether it is a new inquiry or complaint, the real-time synchronization means that incoming mails are immediately available in the KundenMeister so that you can initiate the necessary measures directly in the CRM system. This not only saves you time, but also increases the satisfaction of your customers in the long term due to quick reactions.

So that you also keep track of the huge amount of daily emails, our software stores your emails directly with contacts, sales opportunities or projects as comments and also saves all attachments. All relevant data can be found centrally at any time and you benefit from a complete customer history.

Designed to get the most out of your business

One software suitable for all industries. Functions that cover all areas of your company. An intuitive user interface to work easier and faster. Adaptability to be exactly the software you need.
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Never again will you miss important appointments and tasks

Plan appointments and tasks in the comfort of your home, while on the couch for the next day. Check the next available appointment for a customer or all of today’s to-do’s with one click. This is how professional work planning works!

Whether in the office or on the go through a smartphone – you can import your KundenMeister tasks and appointments into your Outlook with just a few clicks and thus always have an overview of open to-do lists and the appointments of you and your colleagues.

Hans-Peter Wolf
Hans-Peter Wolf
Hans-Peter Wolf
Head of sales & authorised signatory

Our contact person for our KundenMeister integrations is available to you at any time by phone or email. It would be a pleasure to make an appointment for an exclusive consultation or training.