Address database

With the KundenMeister address database, you can easily manage your addresses and clearly sort a variety of customer data. The easy address management with the KundenMeister is mainly based on assigning contacts to contact groups, categories and contact persons.

Moreover, for a large number of companies it is important that the address data of their contacts can be accessed at any time. This is why the KundenMeister address management is web-based, so important information as the address, telephone number or email address of a contact, are easily accessible within the customer database.

Crucial for selecting an address management software is their ability to combine the existing customer list with further features of the customer management software. The KundenMeister address database software is able to service customers and deliver attractive newsletters to them according to their preferences and personal interests. Furthermore, the CRM address administration module provides a well-structured and clear user interface, allowing to access personal data as well as already stored information associated with this contact at the click of a mouse. This could be uploaded documents, tasks, projects or comments/notes, added by your employees.

Obviously, you don’t need to browse the address management software manually for a contact’s customer data. A quick search, a detailed search and a search from A-Z are available for this purpose. All these search options filter your contact data on the base of predefined criteria and this ensure an efficient address management.

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