Birthday newsletter

There are many instruments to enhance customer loyalty. One of them are birthday newsletters that are becoming more and more popular. As a sign of appreciation, many companies are sending birthday emails to congratulate their customers, partners or distributors to enhance the chance to be seen as appealing company for their target groups. This not only intensifies the relationship between companies and their target groups, but also increases the opening and click rates in newsletters.

With a creative newsletter design, you are able to stand out from competitors, to score with nice gestures and to leave a positive impression with customers and partners. KundenMeister is a versatile newsletter software that allows you to create birthday mailings easily and quickly and to distribute them to contacts from your database automatically.

You are able to create a birthday newsletter template and to specify the newsletter subject, the salutation as well as the content by using placeholders. These placeholders allow a personalised mailing, addressing your contacts with der names. This will enhance the positive perception of your birthday newsletter.

To increase your sales numbers, birthday mailings offer the chance to send out vouchers or freebies to motivate your customers to purchase a product. As the newsletter tool is linked with the contact and product administration tool you can clearly see, which products your customers have already bought and you can offer them an additional discount in the birthday mailing. You contact feels ideally supported and a purchase because of this special offer is most likely.

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