Effective newsletter marketing thanks to professional CRM campaigns of KundenMeister

CRM Campaigns for Successful Customer Loyalty

Properly used, e-mail marketing is an effective tool for customer loyalty. Nevertheless, many companies underestimate the planning of effective CRM campaigns – if there is an offer, a newsletter is sent out and finally they wait to see how many customers actually buy the product. But email marketing is more. It is about building a sustainable relationship with the customer and developing it constantly. For that reason, you should not limit your CRM campaign to a single newsletter; instead, you should design a clear timeline of aligned mailings for successful CRM campaign management. A dedicated e-mail campaign software provides the necessary support and combines planning and creation of CRM campaigns within one central database.

KundenMeister as Professional Campaign Management Software

Our software solution called KundenMeister optimally supports you in the creation and planning of effective CRM campaigns. At the click of a mouse, you can define the nature of your campaign, add appropriate newsletters, and specify exactly when and at what frequency your mailings should be sent. The e-mail campaigns software allows you to add individual recipients to your CRM campaign, or segment your audience based on specific criteria using extensive contact search, so you can tailor your campaign management by contact group, interest, region, industry, and more. In this way, you not only maintain contact with important customers, but also get to know your customers and their reading/clicking behavior better, thanks to comprehensive evaluations of each individual newsletter in the CRM campaign. Your CRM campaign management can thus be optimized and adapted to the needs of your readers.

Your Benefits from our E-Mail Campaigns Software Solution

Targeted planning of CRM campaigns supports a successful customer approach thanks to the right information at the right time.

Since your entire campaign management is automated with the KundenMeister, the administrative effort for your newsletter delivering can be significantly reduced and you save valuable time. In addition, e-mail marketing campaigns software can easily gauge the success of your e-mail marketing campaigns, so you can continue to make improvements.

A personalized and regular communication with customers, partners and suppliers ensures the establishment of long-term customer relationships. Thanks to reminders of vouchers or the delivery of useful additional offers, your recipients feel well cared for and are encouraged to buy. Professional campaign management also has a positive effect on your sales and sales figures.

Examples of Successful Newsletter Campaigns

  • Welcome Campaigns: After signing up for a newsletter, greet your customers, and then send a welcome coupon to encourage the customer to make their first purchase.
  • Reminder mails: Whether event, seminar or voucher campaign, with the campaign management software KundenMeister you remind customers in follow-up mails to attend, provide you with documents and directions or highlight again the expiration of the voucher.
  • Cross-sell: Increase your sales by incorporating effective cross-selling into your CRM campaign management. All those recipients who have purchased a specific product based on an action newsletter receive an exclusive offer for an additional product one week later.
  • Surveys: Here, too, you are planning a follow-up mailing campaign based on purchased products in order to obtain opinion and feedback from your customers.
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