Contact management

Managing contacts and access them in an orderly structure makes the day-to-day business easier and allows a comprehensive strengthening of existing customer relationships. However, the best customer database won’t be of any use, if it is not efficiently coordinated with other business activities. The KundenMeister is a customer management software, collecting all contact data and therefore creates the fundamental base for successful customer relations.

As customer administration software, the KundenMeister is supporting your contact management as well as the management of relevant addresses and email addresses. From a vast array of data a comprehensive customer list is created that can be used as an instrument for customer administration. Creating targeted newsletter campaigns, projects and sales opportunities linked to a contact is easy, as all KundenMeister modules are connected to each other. All features can be used at the touch of a button with the KundenMeister software.

All actions that are linked to a contact will be saved in the customer list, so all employees of a company can see at a glance how the customer has been taken care of so far and if there are any pending tasks. The KundenMeister contact management module allows adding relevant documents and comments, to keep the whole company always up to date.

The contact management software not only allows the execution of marketing and sales activities, you can also measure the success of customer relations and target group marketing. The CRM customer administration module can automatically create extensive sales statistics as well as newsletter and product reports.

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