Customer administration

You are searching for a customer administration programme? The variety of software solutions is huge and many different factors play an important role when it comes to choosing the right CRM solution. It is not only important to efficiently manage your contacts, but also to effectively use your customer lists for more than one of your business fields. The KundenMeister is the ideal customer relationship management software, due to its versatile deployment possibilities.

Using the customer administration module of the CRM system, it is not only possible to manage your contacts but combining all marketing and sales activities in the best possible way. By combining the customer list with other software modules, personalised campaigns for customer acquisition and the management of regular customers can be created. Furthermore, the contact administration software will provide an overview of all relevant information such as existing projects, overdue payments or which newsletters the customer has already received.

As a web based software for customer administration, the KundenMeister allows collecting contact data within a customer database. Consequently, there is no need to go through many different documents to find out all data in connection with a contact. All relevant information is visible at a glance. Because the contact administration can be carried out online, you can manage your addresses, telephone numbers and emails at any time and any place.

Because of providing a fast and uncomplicated access to all of your customer data, the KundenMeister is one of the most efficient solutions in the field of customer management.

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