Customer database

A customer database allows the input of relevant contact data within a contact management software, also known as CRM (customer relationship management) software. Using the KundenMeister as central address database, users can manage their contacts and customer data and connect them with all other features of this CRM software for an efficient everyday business.

With a growing number of customers, distributors or partner companies, the administration of a company’s contact data gets more and more difficult and it is easy to lose the overview over the most relevant information. Therefore the KundenMeister offers a central customer data base containing all data of your customers.

Moreover, the KundenMeister is based on an online contact administration module, allowing you to access your contact data at any time, no matter if you are working at your office, at home or on the move. Not only personal data as a contact’s address, telephone number or email address can be collected with the KundenMeister, also marketing activities can be easily adapted to any contact. Targeted campaigns for customer retention and acquisition can hence be created and personalised email and SMS newsletters can be send to these groups.

Another benefit of the KundenMeister contact administration software is that all customer data can be connected with organisational and sales supporting tasks. The KundenMeister customer data base thus is additionally storing all projects, events, sales opportunities, invoices etc. linked to the respective contact that has been created within the KundenMeister programme. At a touch of a button, all customer data can be retrieved and accessed.

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