Customer list

The purpose of using a customer list is, to clearly sort contact data of customers, distributors or other contact groups. The online contact management module represents an important aspect of a customer list, as many employees of a company, sales representatives for example, can access customer data regardless of time and location. However, not only address data, emails or telephone numbers matter for sales employees. To get information about marketing and sales activities that have been carried out already is essential for an efficient work process as well. This is why the KundenMeister software represents the ideal customer list for your business.

The master data sheet can be accessed by the push of a button, and provides an overview of all relevant contact information. Do you want to know, if there are existing projects associated with a customer? This is no problem with the KundenMeister, whose customer administration module allows combining the customer list with other modules of the software. The result is a comprehensive CRM contact management programme that contributes to develop long-term customer relationships.

Many companies are facing the challenge of not being able to clearly store all relevant contact data in a database. Important information may be lost and the individual customer approach may suffer as a result. This will not happen with the KundenMeister software! By creating contact groups, distribution lists or linking your contact with the online shop module, you can identify customer interests and already purchased products at a glance. This is how you can use the customer list for targeted newsletter campaigns and easily manage all your customer data.

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