Email marketing

The term email marketing describes a part of direct marketing where customers receive information and news via mail or newsletters.

Numerous benefits, as maintaining existing customer relations or cost-effective communication with interested parties, turn email marketing into an essential advertising medium for companies and organisations.

However, newsletters are only effective, when you’re delivering exactly the information, your target groups are interested in – otherwise newsletters quickly turn into spam. Yet, the administration of all the important topics for thousands of contacts is not easy. A newsletter software is the ideal solution for this problem.

By using such an email software you’re able to manage all your customer data within a single database, create newsletter mailings, set up distribution lists for personalised mailings and to measure the success of your email-marketing campaigns. KundenMeister is a versatile newsletter tool that allows you to arouse interest in your customers for the latest offers or events easily and quickly.

First, you can organize your contacts into various contact groups within the KundenMeister email marketing software. Furthermore, using distribution lists allows you to sort your customers, distributors, partners etc. by areas of interest. This is how you create the foundation of a successful email marketing. Subsequently you can easily create a mailing with the newsletter template and add copy, images, buttons or other content elements. Personalising your newsletter by using a direct salutation with first and last names convey a positive impression on your recipients.

You will only know, if an email marketing campaign was successful, if you thoroughly monitor your newsletter statistics. The KundenMeister email newsletter software automatically creates a report following the mailing. Thus, you can exactly check how many recipients have actually read the newsletter and clicked on a link. The newsletter analysis also lists all mail clients that have been used to read your newsletter and shows all hard and soft bounces.

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