Info SMS

The smartphone as a constant companion and essential communication medium has become indispensable nowadays. No wonder, then, that the telephone is increasingly used to address important target groups. Info SMS as a marketing tool offer you the opportunity to send relevant news directly to your prospects and to inform them about upcoming events, current product offers or special topics and trends.

With the KundenMeister SMS module you are able to send mass SMS with just one click and send your customers an Infosms at the push of a button. As the mobile phone is always within reach of the recipient, SMS messages are opened and read within 4 minutes on average, thus offering high response rates. Another advantage of KundenMeister Service SMS is the personalisation of the content. This gives you the opportunity to address your customers and prospects personally and to provide them with only those news that are really relevant to them.

With the help of a timestamp it is also possible to send the Info SMS at the time when your target groups can be reached best. This not only ensures high reading rates, but also optimal support for your prospects. How successful your individual sendings were can also be determined quickly and at the push of a button in the KundenMeister SMS software via your own SMS reports.

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