Operational CRM

The KundenMeister as an operational CRM for the professional support in sales, marketing and customer service.

Operational CRM for a Targeted Customer Approach

For employees with direct customer contact, operative CRM forms are fundamental basis for providing all relevant specialist areas such as marketing, sales and customer service with relevant data and sustainably supporting business processes. The primary goal in operative CRM is thus the targeted use of the customer information collected in the context of the analytical CRM. Customer knowledge can therefore be used, for example, for sales or e-mail marketing. Across all these contact points, it is important to automate customer activities to a large extent with the help of operative CRM.

Communicative CRM Ensures the Holistic Supply of Information

With the aid of a central database in the company, up-to-date information is always available in communicative CRM for targeted customer contact and customer loyalty. Both the communication and the course of various marketing, sales or service activities should be digitally supported with this data. In this context, communicative CRM is also referred to as the so-called ‘front office’, consisting of marketing automation, sales automation and service automation.

Marketing Automation

With marketing automation, you will be able to successfully manage all your marketing efforts for complete communication and interaction with your customers. Based on an existing contact history and the previous buying behavior of your customers, marketing automation ensures a target group oriented campaign management in operative CRM. It uses the customer value determined in the strategic CRM as well as the predefined market segments to optimally adapt all marketing campaigns to your customers and their preferences. Software such as the KundenMeister makes it easier to select those customers who are to be reached by a specific campaign. At the touch of a button, you can carry out your marketing campaign for specific contact groups and distribution lists within the database or selectively cross-sell or up-sell based on previously purchased products.

Sales Automation

Another function in operative CRM is sales automation. It supports sales employees centrally in their sales activities with extensive information about customers, products, and more. Sales calls can be better targeted based on sound data. While strategic CRM also ensures the evaluation of various sales and product figures, sales automation also simplifies offer management in operative CRM. The KundenMeister offers its own order configurator, with which you can create your offers and contracts in just a few clicks. In addition, our software for communicative CRM has a comprehensive appointment and time management, which also supports the automation of sales.

Service Automation

In the area of Service Automation, a CRM software such as the KundenMeister offers administrative support both in the planning of contacts, as well as in the reception and processing of complaints or information requests. Whether information or complaint, all data about customer who calls immediately appear on the screens of your service employees. But not only your employees in support are relieved, also customers benefit from much faster response times and targeted assistance. Via so-called reminders, you also define the time for further or renewed contact with certain customers in our software for operative CRM. In this way, you ensure holistic customer communication in operative CRM. A connection to the merchandise management system of the software additionally ensures the exact control of product availabilities and delivery dates.

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