Import and export data from your CSV files with the KundenMeister

Fast Import and Export of Your Data in CSV Format

To collect all your data in one central database, the KundenMeister enables the contact import and export of numerous file formats. Thanks to a CSV interface, information from lists in CSV format can be transferred to the KundenMeister at the push of a button. It can be defined exactly which data should be transferred, for example, the first line in the document can be ignored, if these are only headings.

Structured and Correct Contact Information

In order to always ensure the completeness of your data, data sets that have not yet been created in the CRM system are created immediately after data import, while already existing information is recognized as a duplicate.

Duplicate detection compares old and new contacts, so you can see at a glance if they are actually the same customer. Here you have the possibility to determine whether missing information of the existing contact should be supplemented with the corresponding data of the new contact. Your database is not only constantly being expanded by the CSV interface, but also ensures the accuracy of your data.

Information about data import/export can be found in our KundenMeister manual

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