Promising communication thanks to the KundenMeister interface to your e-mail program

Faster Response to Customer Requests

Global e-mail accounts allow you to create an interface between your e-mail programs and the KundenMeister. Send and receive your business e-mails simultaneously within the CRM software as well as your mail account, be it Gmail, GMX or another mail service.

Regardless of whether it concerns new inquiries, complaints or complaints, real-time synchronization immediately notifies you of incoming mails and allows you to initiate necessary action steps directly in the CRM system. This not only saves you time, but also the satisfaction of your customers can be sustainably increased thanks to fast reaction.

Transparent Customer Communication

By centrally managing all your e-mail accounts in the KundenMeister CRM database, all relevant information is available at the push of a button. You and your team can store any number of e-mail accounts in the software and accordingly retrieve the e-mail traffic with your customers, partners and suppliers. In order to keep track of the huge amount of daily e-mails, the KundenMeister allows you to map your e-mail folders to various contacts. This means that all relevant data can always be found in the corresponding customer file and you benefit from a complete contact history.

One E-Mail – Multiple Recipients

Thanks to the KundenMeister mail templates, you also save time when creating your e-mail content. You simply set up an e-mail template for various occasions and situations, place placeholders for a personalized address and then send your mail to numerous contacts at the press of a button.

Setting up Global E-mail Accounts  for the smooth integration of your mail interface is explained to detail in KundenMeister manual.

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