Log and evaluate customer calls with the KundenMeister call log

Better Customer Service Thanks to Caller ID

Already at the call entrance you benefit from the interface between the KundenMeister and your telephone system. If stored in the system, the corresponding contact appears on the display of your telephone immediately. You know immediately which person and company it is and can call the corresponding customer file in seconds. Immediately you can respond to previously discussed details and the customer feels so well looked after.

Structured Listing of Your Calls

Your calls – whether missed or accepted – are clearly displayed in the KundenMeister call list. It is not only the corresponding company and the respective contact visible, but also the date and exact time of the call. The interface to the telephone system also registers with which telephone the call has arrived and which employee has taken care of the respective request.

In addition, contact times and communication can be recorded automatically in the KundenMeister in the corresponding customer file. As soon as you call up the profile of a customer, partner or supplier, you know the current contact status. This makes handing over tasks and inquiries to other employees a breeze – because you save valuable time in internal coordination and can therefore concentrate more on the needs of your customers.

Further explanations to the KundenMeister call list  can be found in our manual.

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