CRM Software for Associations and Organizations

Optimal member support creates a trusting environment within associations and non-profit organizations.

Keep Track of Your Members with the KundenMeister

Clubs and non-profit organizations often face the challenge of managing the administrative burden of administering their membership. Most of the time this is handled awkwardly using Excel files, which takes an enormous amount of time. The KundenMeister now offers associations the optimal solution!

With the so-called contact module, organizations such as UEG have the opportunity to maintain unified database, thus managing the administration of their members, training offers and membership awards in the best possible way.

Communicate News via SMS or E-Mail Newsletter Exclusively to Your Club and Organization Members

It is often difficult for associations and organizations to provide all their members and interested parties with the latest information in a well-prepared format. However, it is precisely the transmission of relevant news and topics that motivates members to actively participate in club life. The personalization of the messages for selected contact groups, such as sponsors or VIP contacts, also plays an essential role in being able to individually design any information for them. With the KundenMeister you are now able to provide your members or followers exclusively via personalized SMS or e-mail newsletter with the latest game results, event information or organizational news.

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