CRM Software for business consultants

Consulting can be successful and efficient only if the customers are the focus of your activities.

Strengthen Your Customer Relationships and Customer Confidence in Your Professional Service

Differentiation is a key success factor in business consulting. Standardized services are no longer sufficient for customers today, because they want individual and personal advice and support. In addition to the many years of experience that the consulting experts in such companies can fall back on, they also need extensive know-how about the customers themselves. Only those who know exactly and can respond to their needs are able to provide optimal service and consulting services. Business consultants such as DFH or Svax rely on the KundenMeister and its contact management module. Thus, data about customers can be managed optimally and a uniform, central database can be maintained. This not only helps to structure your customer data in a structured manner, but also leads to a targeted customer approach.

Stay in Contact With Your Customers and Communicate Relevant Content to the Outside

Around the core business, it becomes increasingly important for customers, which additional services a company offers. Communicating with customers and providing them with the necessary information today goes far beyond pure consulting services. Here, too, the KundenMeister is used efficiently by management consultants. Via the CRM software, personalized newsletters are sent to customers in order to share them with the latest news. In addition, as a company, you can quickly and easily communicate seminar and event dates to your customers with the click of a mouse. With the KundenMeister you are not only able to score on your consulting service, but also by the structured organization of your marketing activities.

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