Software for Media Companies

In today’s digital age, the media industry is increasingly relying on communication via networked channels.

Provide Customers with Content at the Desired Time and Place

Today, customers want to be able to retrieve all relevant information online at the push of a button. The access to classical media, such as newspapers and magazines, is thus increasingly on the internet. As a media company for magazines, it is therefore particularly important not to miss this connection and to offer its services everywhere, wherever its customers are. Of course, it should also be paid to a personal address of the respective interest groups, so that all contacts receive an individual performance, tailored to their needs. Therefore, rely on the KundenMeister in your company to ensure the digital sending of your media and reach your customers with your content.

An Optimal Administration of the Customer Data Has a Positive Effect on the Satisfaction of Your Subscribers

Not only the digital sending of your magazine plays a central role for your success, also the perfect customer approach contributes significantly. With the help of KundenMeister, a unified database can bemcreated, allowing you to build up and efficiently use your subscribers’ knowledge. Companies like Klipp – Das Steiermark Magazin manage the data of their customers via the CRM software and can use this information to provide their customers with interesting content. This gives them a sense of optimal performance and customer satisfaction is constantly increasing. Use the KundenMeister to consistently improve the performance and organization of your company and to ensure optimal customer service.

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