Contact Synchronization

How to synchronize your contacts with your Outlook application

vCard Extensions to WebDAV (CardDAV) is a client-server protocol for address books to enable storage and sharing of contact information on a server.

Required data for setup:

Username = Mail address of your KundenMeister account
Password = Password of your KundenMeister account

In the following instructions we will explain step by step how to use CardDAV integration with Outlook CalDAV Synchronizer (

Download Outlook plugin

Before the integration, please download the Outlook plugin by using this link:

Configuration in KundenMeister

Before the synchronization can be set up on the smartphone, it is necessary to select the contact groups for synchronization in KundenMeister.

This can be done in Administration / Contacts / Contact Groups in the “Synchronize” column.


Settings / Mail, Contacts, Calendar / Add Account / Others / Add CardDAV Account


Step 1: Install the following free app:

Step 2: Add the account to the app.

Step 3: Select the contact groups that need to be synchronized

Configuration in Outlook

Step 1:

Once you have installed the plugin, you can add a new account. Create a new account under the menu item “CalDAV Synchronizer” by clicking on “Synchronization Profiles“.

A plus icon appears, allowing you to create the new profile.

Step 2:

Now several profile types are shown. For the contact synchronization with KundenMeister, please choose the profile type „Generic CalDAV/CardDAV“. Confirm your selection by clicking OK.

Step 3:

You have to edit your profile:

  • Enter a profile name (individual)
  • Create/choose an outlook folder
  • Server settings: Please enter your KundenMeister login data (E-mail = Username)

Once the server settings have been entered, click on “Test or discover Settings“.

Step 4:

Now you have to select the contact group(s) that has/have to be synchronized.

Step 5:

Confirm your selection by clicking OK.

As soon as Outlook is restarted, the selected folder appears in the contacts. The contacts from KundenMeister are transferred in Outlook. An inverse synchronization (from Outlook to KundenMeister) is not possible.

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