CRM Introduction

CRM Introduction Checklist

Customer relationship management is a holistic, strategic corporate concept for long-term success.

The KundenMeister is a Powerful CRM Software

In doing so, the company is geared towards customer orientation and builds long-term, profitable customer relationships. The KundenMeister as a CRM solution supports various sales, marketing, service and organizational processes. The KundenMeister helps your company to gain competitive advantage by focusing on the company’s customers and ensuring its long-term success.

The CRM Conceptual World

CRM stands for customer relationship management and often, CRM is equated with CRM software. But customer relationship management is much more of a system, a philosophy that is implemented and anchored in a company.

The KundenMeister is a comprehensive CRM solution and is suitable for smaller, medium and large companies that need an integrated CRM solution.

Sales Opportunity

An opportunity is a way to sell a product or service to a potential customer. Opportunities should always be assigned to a responsible employee who organizes these opportunities and seeks to complete the deal

Lead Management

A lead is the successful initiation of a potential customer for a product or service. A professional lead management software provides functions to best serve this lead and turn it into a client.

CRM Cloud

In this context, the cloud is referred to as the internet. This eliminates the need to install additional software on your computer. There are no installation costs, you only pay a monthly rent only for the functionalities you need.

What is the KundenMeister?

We have developed a solution for you that supports you professionally in the care of your customers and contacts – the KundenMeister. The KundenMeister is THE solution for efficient customer loyalty and customer acquisition. With the KundenMeister you can maintain your customers and, in a few steps, send targeted newsletter and SMS campaigns.

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