CRM Strategy

The individual KundenMeister modules are coordinated and developed completely independent of the industry.

We Provide the Optimal CRM Solution for Your Company!

The KundenMeister offers a variety of interfaces, for example, to be able to interact with existing database systems, used solutions or individual programs. The KundenMeister offers your company free space for the optimal design of your customer processes and adapts to your company. Customizing (customization) makes it possible for the KundenMeister to be adapted to your company faster and more cost-effectively than would be available for any new development of a CRM solution. Contact us so that we can prepare an indicative offer for you to customize the KundenMeister CRM solution!

KundenMeister Sales Hotline

Do you have questions about the KundenMeister or the modules? We are happy to help! Contact us via our sales hotline and get a first impression of the KundenMeister. KundenMeister sales consultant

Hans-Peter Wolf
Tel.: +43 – 3452 – 214 214 – 31

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