Mass SMS

Send mass SMS at the push of a button – with the CustomerMeister you have the possibility to send important news and information to your customers, suppliers and partners at the push of a button and also to provide them with a personal salutation and target group oriented content. Inspire your target groups with informative and entertaining series of SMS and convince them of your unique company performance.

One of the most important aspects of sending mass SMS is to tailor the content to the needs of your target groups. They will only read your SMS newsletter and consider it valuable if they are provided with the content that they actually take up. With the CustomerMaster you not only manage a huge number of contacts in a database, but also their areas of interest. Using your own SMS distribution list, these can then be selected for your mass SMS and sent to relevant people.

Another important criterion is the sending time of your series SMS. Because only those who pay attention to the correct timing of the content for the respective target group will achieve the desired effect. For example, as a restaurant you can send your lunch menu shortly before lunch break to encourage as many people as possible to visit your establishment. Remind your target group of your event one day before the event starts and show them how important their participation is to you. Or provide your customers with the latest special offers, they will not only feel well looked after, but you can also increase your sales figures. Therefore, use a timestamp to determine when your mass SMS should be sent and address your customers where they can be reached best.

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