Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is a sub-sector of mobile marketing and refers to advertising that is generated for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Companies therefore have the opportunity to use mobile advertising to advertise their products and services on the move and reach their target groups regardless of time and place. Apps, mobile portals or advertising SMS are thus among the instruments of mobile marketing.

As a web agency we offer you the optimal support to make your mobile campaigns as successful as possible. Our software KundenMeister can be ideally used as a mobile marketing system for the creation of your SMS newsletters and also ensures that the content is tailored to the interests of your target group. Via a dedicated SMS distribution list, newsletters are only sent to those contacts who are really interested in the topic covered in the advertising SMS. In this way you address exactly those people you want to reach with your mobile advertising.

Furthermore, such mobile newsletters are suitable for companies of any size and from any industry, as they can be used not only for advertising purposes, but also as reminder SMS or service SMS. No matter if it is event reminders, menu suggestions, current cinema program or new product offers, with the KundenMeister SMS software you can easily manage your contacts, mobile advertising content and broadcasting times within a database.

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