Newsletter software

The KundenMeister newsletter software perfectly supports you in carrying out your email marketing activities. No matter if you want to create event invitations, product offers or other news – using KundenMeister helps you creating compelling content for your target groups.

Using a previously set up newsletter template, you just need to insert copy, images and buttons into the basic frame to create your final newsletter. A consistent newsletter design with a high recognition value is hereby guaranteed and you save a lot of time.

As the KundenMeister software is managing all of the contact data of your customers, distributors, partners etc. a direct approach of your recipients is possible. Personalisation not only allows a personal salutation with the customers’ names but also interest based mailings.

As soon as your email marketing campaign is ready to be sent out, you can select your recipients by using various filters. This way you can guarantee that only those will receive your mailing, for whom it has a benefit. Choose your recipients from different contact groups, send your newsletter to customers who have already bought a specific product or have attended a special event or organise your recipients into different distribution lists. The newsletter software is supporting all your needs.

Additionally, the KundenMeister newsletter programmes allows a precise analysis of the sent data. Recipient engagement is one aspect of this analysis and shows, how many people have opened the newsletter, have read it and have clicked on integrated links. Furthermore, the newsletter software is analysing the used email clients, which are the email programmes used to open your mailing. Thus, soft and hard bounces can be measured. The KundenMeister bounce management system shows all recipients that have not received your newsletter because of absence (soft bounce) or a wrong email address (hard bounce). This way you can sustainably optimise your address database and enhance the receipt rate with every further mailing.

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