A newsletter is an efficient email-marketing tool to inform customers about news, to arouse interest for und to motivate them into buying products. Critical for success is matching the email-marketing content with the topics that are relevant for the customer, to exactly meet the needs of the target group. This is why many companies are looking for a newsletter software that allows easily setting up email-marketing campaigns as well as tailored and personalised newsletters. KundenMeister is such a specialised newsletter programme that will guarantee successful communication with your customers and contacts.

There are many good reasons for using a newsletter marketing software. One of the most important aspects is sending bulk mailings, to deliver news at the push of a button to a large number of recipients. Because the KundenMeister newsletter tool is linked to the KundenMeister contact administration module, you can exactly define a specific contact group. This also helps personalising your email campaigns as you can use specific placeholders for the salutation (e.g. title, first name, last name etc.).

By organising contacts into contact groups, as for example customers, distributors or sales partners etc. or creating distribution lists (e.g. interested in red wine, interested in white wine), content can be personalised and tailored to different target groups. Thus, you ensure that your contact groups will only receive offers and news, they are really interested in, which results in increased awareness.

The KundenMeister email software allows a newsletter evaluation, so you can keep track of the success of every single newsletter. This evaluation is presented as a report that shows the statistics of all previously executed email marketing campaigns. At a glance you can see the transmission time, the number of recipients as well as the number of clicks on links. Additionally to the newsletter analysis, there is a so-called bounce management integrated. Bounce handling allows identifying soft bounces (e.g. mailbox full, absence message) and hard bounces (e.g. email address does not exist), which makes the newsletter software even more efficient.

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