Task Management

The KundenMeister provides a comprehensive task management system that helps companies to carry out tasks in a much more efficient and structured manner. Whether tasks for projects, sales opportunities or contact persons – the KundenMeister clearly lists all task types. Important information, such as priority, task status, deadline and planned working hours are visible at a glance, allowing for a more productive organization of work processes.

Every employee can access the task dashboard and track the progress of the tasks, regardless of time and place. If there are follow-up tasks, they can be initiated immediately as soon as previously necessary tasks have been marked as completed. But not only the workflow can be significantly optimized with the KundenMeister Task Management Tool, but also the quality of the results. Since important documents can be uploaded and comments added to each task, all employees are always up to date and have relevant data available at all times.

Another advantage that distinguishes the KundenMeister from other task management software is the link to the so-called time recording module. This also allows you to control the success of your activities and monitor the required working hours. The KundenMeister provides immediate information as to whether your tasks are within your time planning or have already exceeded it. Thus, work processes can be adjusted at an early stage and countermeasures can be initiated.

KundenMeister Task-Management increases your productivity and shows every day which tasks and activities should be focused on. In this way, you ensure an optimal project flow and your customers will also benefit from the success and efficiency of your work processes.

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