A successful newsletter mailing is not only based on the rapid spread of news but is made possible by the personalisation of all content. Especially by targeting your information, you can create benefits for your readers and make them feel perfectly cared for by sending out relevant offers. The major challenge of personalising newsletters is the processing and linking of all important customer data. It is important to recognise the needs of all target groups and to send out customised email marketing campaigns. By using the KundenMeister newsletter software there are many features for an efficient email marketing available for you.

A personalisation starts with the salutation of your recipient. By using a personal salutation as for example the name, you create a certain exclusivity for the customer. With integrated placeholders in the newsletter template, you can define by yourself, if you want to use a formal (with title and last name) or an informal (with first name) address.

Additionally to a personal salutation, recipients regard personalised content as a positive feature. To generate such personalised news, the KundenMeister email newsletter software stores all relevant information linked to a contact within a database that is connected to the newsletter tool. Thus, you can send newsletters that are suited to age, region, gender etc. of the recipient. By organising contacts into contact groups or distribution lists, you can also ideally personalise content. An example for a bookstore’s distribution list could be areas of interest as crime, fantasy, biographies, nonfiction, cooking books etc. By allocating contacts to these lists, only those, who are for example interested in crime would receive a newsletter about the latest crime stories.

Use our KundenMeister newsletter software and enhance customer satisfaction by personalising your campaigns with the integrated email-marketing tool.

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