Project Planning

Optimal project planning software with online resources and tasks management.

KundenMeister – Software for Efficient Project Planning

With the KundenMeister project planning tool, you can handle and plan any number of projects in parallel. The cloud-based platform provides employees with a unified user interface for efficient project planning and control. The KundenMeister can be considered as a holistic solution and software for project planning – from the scheduling, through the cost, to resource planning, our CRM software offers everything from one source. By linking these functions together, project managers and employees also benefit from the powerful combination of project planning, budgeting, document management, time tracking, and task management.

CRM Software for the Implementation of a Successful Project Plan

KundenMeister, the project planning software, not only takes care of the successful handling and planning of your projects, but also supports the development of long-term customer relationships across all project phases. In addition to the existing project, additional marketing and sales measures are carried out at the push of a button in order to strengthen the trust and loyalty to your customers. Based on the project phases and categories defined by you, you can inform customers about other products, services and offers using project planning software. The different colors of your project phases let you immediately recognize the status of your projects and other necessary measures. Thus, a holistic CRM can be ensured and successful project plans can be introduced.

Generate Project Plan at the Push of a Button

Basis of the project planning software of KundenMeister is the so-called Gantt chart. This is
automatically created by the project planning tool on the basis of stored project data and tasks, and it maps every single step of your project graphically in the form of bars. This way, you always have an overview of the future project process, you can better plan and prioritize projects and activities, as well as ensure an efficient use of resources. Thanks to the definition of so-called dependencies, when moving a task, you do not have to rework the project plan yourself manually – dependent activities are automated and co-located according to the change.

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