Retail and wholesale trade

Software for retail and wholesale companies

Only those who know exactly what their customers want can inspire them with outstanding service.

Stronger customer loyalty, through the optimal management of contact groups

No matter whether customer, supplier or partner: Each of these contact groups has exact ideas and desires, how the services of enterprises should look like. Especially in the retail sector it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the numerous competitors. As a company in this sector, it is therefore particularly important to know the needs of individual customers and to meet these needs in the best possible way with tailored services. Create trust as a company by responding quickly and specifically to requirements and thus show that your service is customer-oriented. The KundenMeister offers retail companies an optimal CRM solution for this purpose, enabling them to manage their contact data and to provide them with the best possible service.

Provide your customers with targeted and relevant information

Not every customer needs the same information when it comes to purchasing a product. And not every information should be structured in the same way for all recipient groups. Thanks to the KundenMeister, retail companies can now respond specifically to customer needs and provide all interest groups with the content they need. Personalized newsletters help companies like Jacques Lemans to implement e-mail marketing effectively and successfully, thereby increasing customer loyalty.

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