Sales Controlling

Even the best sales work is only half as valuable if the individual measures are not controlled and measured. Because only when concrete facts and figures are available can one be sure of the success of the planned sales strategy. In addition to comprehensive sales planning, the KundenMeister sales software also includes the option of optimizing sales processes on a long-term basis via sales controlling.

At the push of a button, the KundenMeister software systematically collects and evaluates the necessary information. This not only involves analysing customers, markets or competitors, but also internally examining the sales department for strengths or weaknesses. The sales software KundenMeister has created a solution especially for these evaluations in order to be able to evaluate the entire sales organisation and subsequently adapt it to external conditions. The sales processes in the company also represent a large part of this. For the sales controlling it is important to evaluate each of them and also to optimize them continuously in order to create efficient sales activities.

By defining a sales strategy, you can store your concrete goals and measures for sales in the KundenMeister. Finally, sales controlling is used to compare the data from sales planning with the values actually achieved. This comparison makes it immediately apparent at the push of a button whether you deviate from your set goals and can therefore initiate appropriate measures in good time. Sales controlling is therefore not a part of the end of a project or task, but should be carried out in parallel with the execution of sales activities. This is the only way to ensure that the entire sales control in your company is geared to customer requirements and remains competitive.

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