Sales management

Sales management plays an important role in companies when it comes to the smooth running of sales processes, the efficient use of existing resources and sales controlling to monitor sales targets. The big challenge is always the consolidation of relevant data within a database. As software for sales, the KundenMeister offers numerous functions to successfully handle the main task of sales controlling, namely to transform sales strategy into operative activities.

A central function is sales planning. Here, KundenMeister enables the creation of sales targets, which in a further step are also important for sales controlling. In addition, planning also includes the division of targets according to customers, products, distribution channels, etc. By recording sales opportunities, the employees of a company not only see potential customers in KundenMeister, but also their status (initial contact, negotiations, won/lost), the responsible sales employee, the turnover to be contributed and the probability of success. In addition, it is also noted where the customer comes from, so that possible measures such as cold calling, website or marketing campaigns can be optimised.

A further component of sales management is the handling of individual activities and sales resources. For the sales software KundenMeister, special links between the individual modules of the program were developed in order to coordinate sales activities with contact, project and financial management. This means, for example, that you can assign each individual customer a responsible sales manager as well as a sales opportunity various tasks in order to ensure the ideal support of the customer and the development of a long-term customer relationship.

In order to enable you to control exactly how successful your measures have been and thus how well you have achieved your goals, KundenMeister sales controlling creates the necessary analyses and sales reports. By comparing the sales target of an employee and the sales opportunities he/she has gained, you can see at a glance whether the employee has reached the target. In addition, sales controlling also includes the listing of sales by source, customer status, etc. and can be filtered by user, year and period at the touch of a button.

All these KundenMeister functions ensure the smooth running of your sales and thus support successful sales controlling.

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