Sales Management

Sales management refers to all measures and activities used in the company to implement the planned sales targets and the associated sales strategy. To support you in your daily sales tasks in the best possible way, we have developed the software KundenMeister. It contains all functions for a successful sales management, so that you can assert yourself against competitors on the market in the long term and satisfy customers optimally.

Due to constantly changing conditions, be it ever more demanding customer needs, changing market situations or tougher competitive conditions, the demands on a company’s sales management are also becoming increasingly complex. Nowadays, it is no longer just a question of selling as many products as possible, but rather of looking after potential customers in detail in order to turn them into customers. However, a sales manager can only do this if he has the latest information on a potential customer, also known as a lead, available to him at any time and in any place.

For the sales software KundenMeister, a special Lead Management Tool has therefore been developed, with which you can easily manage customer information such as sales opportunities, possible turnover and offers. This data is not only relevant for the sales staff of a company, but also the colleagues from the marketing, warehouse, production and accounting departments must always be up to date to ensure that all tasks are handled efficiently. For example, if an opportunity is set to win by a salesperson, the accounting department can automatically generate an invoice from the database stored in the CustomerMaster, which in turn reduces the stock of goods, etc. Through these links in KundenMeister, the entire sales process can be mapped at the touch of a button and sales management can be continuously optimized.

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