Serial emails

In combination with interesting content, a serial mailing turns into an efficient email-marketing tool for a company. Nevertheless, a newsletter cannot only be used to spread the latest news and company information but also secures the sustainable increase in customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. The KundenMeister as professional newsletter software is the ideal marketing instrument for companies and organisations of all sectors.

There are multiple options when using a newsletter tool to send serial emails, no matter if you want to distribute news, the latest offers, tips from experts or just birthday greetings or vouchers. When choosing the right email software, various criteria play a crucial role. First, you should consider the individual features included in your newsletter system and if those can be linked to each other for an efficient workflow. A further aspect is the newsletter distribution and the option to personalise them for various target groups and their areas of interest.

In this context, the KundenMeister email marketing software offers an ideal solution. An own contact administration tool allows storing important contact data within a database. Consequently, this contact data can efficiently be used to provide your target group with relevant information, starting by using a personalised salutation that can be realised by using placeholders. By assigning contacts to contact groups or distribution lists you can save areas of interest for your contacts, so all intended customers will only receive relevant information that will enhance their interest in your company or organisation.

A further benefit of the KundenMeister serial emails is the possibility to create a newsletter template. Content that is always the same in all of your mailings, as the logo or your address data in the header or footer are, does not need to be entered into every new newsletter.

However, of what use would a newsletter tool be, if you could measure the success of a serial mailing? KundenMeister newsletter reports contain a comprehensive analysis an exactly show the potential for optimisation for your email marketing.

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