SMS Software

A big challenge when sending Info SMS is often the large amount of data. Not only a considerable number of recipients have to be managed, but also their interests, previously purchased products, participation in events etc. In addition, you need to manage the timing of your SMS messages so that you can reach your target groups when they need information and entertainment most. The KundenMeister as SMS software allows you to manage all these settings within a single database.

You first store all important data about your recipients in the software to enable personalization of the content. This way you can convince your customers, suppliers and other interest groups of your services, because you can address exactly those topics that your target groups are enthusiastic about. The next step is to create an SMS newsletter. This is also possible with our SMS software. You can quickly and easily enter the content for your sendings and determine when your mass SMS should be sent via the KundenMeister time control. Our SMS program offers a secure delivery within seconds.

In addition to reliable delivery, you also benefit from an unlimited number of recipients when using our SMS software. So you can send your message to as many people as you like, regardless of time and place.

But what would an SMS Newsletter be without success evaluation? Here the KundenMeister SMS software offers the optimal solution by creating your own SMS reports. You can see at a glance how effective your Info SMS was and can use it to constantly develop and optimise your sendings. Increases in turnover and the development of long-term customer relationships are guaranteed with our SMS program!

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