Task planner

Planning and managing tasks – a big challenge for many companies when employees manage their activities in different lists. Not only are tasks easily overlooked, but task statuses and required working hours are difficult to record. With the KundenMeister Task Planner, there is now an end to Excel tables and incomplete records.

Structured and well thought-out workflows are guaranteed with our task management software. In just a few minutes you can create new tasks in a central database, assign them to employees and link them to projects, sales opportunities or contacts. The integrated task overview shows at a glance open, planned and already completed tasks and their priority. In addition, you can use a slider to precisely record the progress of tasks and use the KundenMeister’s time recording function to record required working hours.

Since you manage tasks online with Task Management, you have access to your to-do list anytime and anywhere. Your colleagues and co-workers can also track the status of their tasks at all times and start work immediately as soon as other tasks are marked as completed. This way, you can sustainably increase productivity and workflow and the organisation of work processes becomes child’s play.

In addition to the general overview, the KundenMeister also offers a task detail view. Within this view, you and your employees can add important documents and notes to make it as easy as possible for you and your employees to complete the task together. The tedious search for information in e-mails or files has come to an end! In the task management all relevant colleagues have access to shared data. You can always control your workflow by storing estimated working times at the start of the activity. The KundenMeister task planner immediately informs you if you exceed expected working hours and can immediately align your entire project and task management accordingly and adjust it if necessary.

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