Workflow Management

Workflow management is the automation of business processes with the help of information technology support. IT systems are used to improve the execution of work processes and are used for more efficient task management.

Workflow describes the entire process of a project, which consists of many individual activities to be completed. The KundenMeister is a task management software that considerably simplifies the organisation of these tasks.

Since the KundenMeister is a cloud-based software, stored tasks are never lost and all important information is available to your employees and colleagues anywhere and anytime. Task planning can also be done across departments by assigning tasks to people and linking them to individual projects, sales opportunities or contacts. This way, everyone in the company can easily and quickly see which activities are involved, which tasks are still open and by when they have to be completed. In addition, employees automatically receive an e-mail notification when a new task is assigned to them or a change is made to an assigned activity. Transparent work processes make your workflow management more successful than ever!

As soon as a task has been completed, it is immediately visible to other employees and follow-up activities can be started immediately. Thanks to integrated time recording, the success of your task planning can also be measured and controlled. At a glance, you can see whether your expected working hours deviate from the hours actually invested and, if necessary, you can immediately initiate countermeasures. With the KundenMeister Workflow Management you not only save time and money, but also the satisfaction of your customers can be significantly increased due to faster throughput times.

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