We have summarised the most important concerns of our users for you and answered questions about the topics of functionality, pricing and others of KundenMeister.

No. Our application is completely web-based so you don’t have to install or download anything. All you need is a device with an up-to-date web browser and an internet connection.
If you decide in favor of the KundenMeister after the trial version has expired, the previously imported data will of course be retained so that you can continue working where you left off without interruption. If you decide against using our software, all data and your account with us will be deleted.
You can create an account directly with our free 14-day trial version.
After selecting the desired modules and entering your personal data, you will receive an activation confirmation and your password by email.
Yes, you have the option of adding other users to your test version and automatically adopting them after the 14-day trial version has expired.
We attach great importance to security and therefore use the latest technologies to guarantee the confidentiality of our customers’ data. Our security measures include:

Full encryption
We use SSL encryption to ensure that the connection between your computer and our servers is secure. In addition, we also encrypt all account passwords (we don’t know your password either).

Daily backups:
We create daily backups for our customers for six weeks. I.e., the last 42 days are backed up for you every day.

First class infrastructure:
Our server location is in Austria in the certified data center of eww ITandTEL. We use access controls (access cards, video surveillance, etc.) to ensure that unauthorized persons are not able to physically approach the data processing systems. In addition, electronic access to systems via the network is protected by firewalls and VPNs.

Ideal data protection:
Our employees only access customer data if the customer has made a request to customer support or data access is required in order to provide the services, to avoid or deal with service or technical problems or if KundenMeister is subject to mandatory legal regulation is obliged.

Further information on the subject of security and data protection can be found in our data protection declaration and our data security concept.
In the KundenMeister, an administrator has the right to carry out all actions within the company. The administrator account cannot be deleted independently and at least one user must be an admin.
Of course, several people in your company can also be administrators. The user in your company who creates / buys a KundenMeister account receives the administrator role. This person can then add other users and assign the corresponding rights.
In the KundenMeister we differentiate between user groups and users. User groups can also have further subgroups, which makes it possible to map a complicated organizational structure themselves. Authorizations can be assigned for both user groups and users.
Since we create daily backups, we can restore data for you if necessary.
Our application also works on mobile devices, so you can use them via the web browser on your tablet or smartphone. You can also synchronize your contacts and appointments with other programs such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. We also offer our own KundenMeister app so that you can manage contacts, tasks, sales opportunities, etc. while you are on the go.
Yes, because we attach great importance to always being on the cutting edge of technology, to continue to grow based on the wishes of our customers and to make our their daily work easier with new functions.
Our team is happy to answer any questions. We offer daily e-mail support as well as telephone support within our opening hours (Mon-Thu: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and Fri: 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.). In addition, we also offer various support packages so that we can offer you exactly the support you need.
Payment & billing
The price of our software depends on the number of modules used and the number of users/licenses per module. Our basic module (contact management) costs € 15 per month/user, all other modules cost € 10 per month/user. While the basic module has to be bought for EVERYONE who is supposed to work with the software, the number of users of the other modules can vary.

Example: 10 people work in your company, all of whom should use the KundenMeister. 2 of these 10 people should only be able to manage contacts, while 2 other employees should be able to send newsletters and another 5 people should manage projects and tasks. Here you now need 10 times the basic module (10 x € 15,-), 2 times the newsletter module (2 x € 10,-), 5 times the project module (5 x € 10,-) and 5 times the task module (5 x € 10,-). Your total costs are therefore € 270 per month.
A user is a person who works with the KundenMeister to manage data sets. So this can be sales people, marketing managers, the CEO, support staff, etc. “Per user per month” indicates that you pay the module prices monthly and the number of people that uses this module.
The number of licenses you need depends on the number of users that are supposed to work with the system. The basic module is required for ALL users, while you can specify a different number of users for the individual modules. With a total of 10 employees, you need the contact module (basic module) 10 times, whereas only 5 users need the newsletter module and 2 users need the sales opportunities. The “remaining” 3 users have the option of managing their contacts with the basic module.
To purchase additional user licenses, log in directly to the KundenMeister, click on the user management in the settings and create new users with their email address.
Please send us an email directly to buchhaltung@koerbler.com.
With our support packages, you get exactly the support you need when using our software. Our support packages can include the following services: Support via ticket system, email and telephone, remote support, guaranteed response times, fixed support contacts, a certain number of support hours per month to provide assistance or to be able to carry out individual extensions in the KundenMeister.
Yes, we offer the KundenMeister both as a cloud version, in which our software is rented and monthly licenses are charged, as well as a purchase variant, in which the KundenMeister is bought once and then installed directly on your own servers.

The advantage of the purchase option is the independent use of software for a one-time purchase price for use within your own network. Whereas the cloud version can be called up directly via the browser and can therefore be used at any time and from anywhere. In addition, the cost of hosting, backups, security, availability for the rental variant lies with KundenMeister and, like the ongoing updates to our software, is included in the monthly rental price.
No, our updates are carried out free of charge for the license version of the KundenMeister. In addition, you will be notified of new functions and updates directly in the KundenMeister.
You don’t have to cancel the trial version, you can simply let it expire. The demo access expires automatically after 14 days and is then deleted.
Since the effort for programming a corresponding surface always depends strongly on the desired functions and the design of an individual layout, there is no flat rate for this service. We would be happy to advise you in a first non-binding discussion about the possibilities and costs of your requirements for this type of programming.
The KundenMeister offers the possibility to import contacts directly via XLS or CSV files. Our import assistant guides you step-by-step through the import process. In our manual you will find detailed instructions on how to optimally prepare your file for import.
Yes. With our CardDAV integration, it is possible to share the data of your contacts and to synchronize them on your smartphone or tablet. Detailed instructions on synchronization can be found in our manual.
If the standard fields of our software are not sufficient to record all the necessary data of your customers, you have the option of adding further input fields in the settings via so-called “own fields”. The file type, be it text, number, date, selection list or checkbox, is up to you. In this way, you can tailor the KundenMeister precisely to your day-to-day work and your requirements.
Yes. You can create a contact form directly in the KundenMeister and integrate it on your website using the source code provided. The fields of the form can be determined individually by you (including determination of the mandatory fields). If a customer fills out the form on your website, the data is transferred directly to the KundenMeister.
Marketing & Sales
No – the license costs for the KundenMeister include sending as many newsletter contacts as you want. However, for security reasons and to avoid your newsletter being marked as SPAM, we limit the number of newsletters sent per hour. I.e., If there is a large number of newsletter recipients, we will send your e-mails “bit by bit”, for example in packages with 100 recipient addresses each.
Here, too, we do not set our customers any limits. With the KundenMeister newsletter module you can send as many newsletters per month as you want.
Yes – for this we offer the option of creating your own newsletter registration form in the KundenMeister, integrating it on your website. You can determine yourself which data you collect from your customers for sending the newsletter. In addition, you have the option of integrating your distribution lists directly into the registration form and thus giving your customers the choice of which topics they would like to receive newsletters on.

In addition, we support a GDPR-compliant newsletter dispatch with the KundenMeister.
This includes:

the installation of a checkbox in the registration form to confirm your data protection guidelines
using a double opt-in procedure
the storage of the date when someone registered for your newsletter and thus gave their consent to receive your newsletter
the automatic recording of newsletter unsubscriptions
By using all placeholders, you have the opportunity to address your customers directly with their title, name, etc. in the newsletter and thus give your message a personal touch. In addition, our software has so-called “newsletter salutations” so that you can define a very individual approach to each customer. For example, some of your customers receive the newsletter with a formal address, while your regular customers receive the same newsletter with a more informal address.
Each SMS sent in Austria is charged at €0.06 and for SMS sent abroad €0.12 is charged for each SMS sent.
The number of characters per SMS is limited to 160 characters. However, if your SMS is longer than 160 characters, it is automatically divided into 2, 3 or more SMS and these are billed accordingly.
Answers to your SMS messages are saved directly in the KundenMeister SMS reports. In addition, your customers can unsubscribe from an SMS newsletter at any time using the “STOP” message.
Billing & Controlling
Yes, you have the option of storing several tax rates and currencies in the software or defining tax-free products/contacts.
Our software offers the settlement of subscriptions. To do this, enter the relevant product and its payment interval directly with your contact and thus automatically issue monthly, annual or quarterly invoices.
KundenMeister provides standardized interfaces for all programs in the areas of bookkeeping, payroll accounting and accounting (RZL, BMD, SAP). We would be happy to support you with the technical coordination and implementation of interfaces. In addition, the KundenMeister API offers the possibility of exchanging data with KundenMeister so that individual interfaces can be developed here. More about interfaces and APIs (LINKING INTERFACES)
Organisation & service
Yes, a so-called CalDAV integration enables the synchronization of your KundenMeister calendar with the calendar of your smartphone, tablet or, for example, an e-mail program such as Outlook. You can find out how to make the settings for this directly in our manual.
With KundenMeister every user can upload any number of documents without any storage space limit and save them permanently.
You can add yourself and other employees to the list to receive the daily time record and task report. This means that at the end of a working day these people are informed about the working times of all employees with the time recording report and can see directly which projects or tasks have been booked on that day. The task report, on the other hand, is sent out daily in the morning and shows which tasks are planned for each employee for today.

In addition to these two reports, which give an overview of all employees, each user has the option of independently making settings for notifications about their own tasks, projects, etc. You can have your current to-do list sent daily by email, sales representative can receive your sales target report on a weekly basis or you receive a notification when you have been entered as a project manager for a new project.
Merchandise management & shop
No – you can manage an unlimited number of products with the KundenMeister. In addition, there is no restriction on the number of product categories or sub-categories.
Yes, you can even define yourself in the KundenMeister WHO and HOW OFTEN you and your colleagues will receive these notifications about products. If you use the product module in conjunction with warehouse management, the KundenMeister automatically suggests reorders for products for which only a few items are in stock based on the reorder level.