First Steps

Welcome to KundenMeister! Our first step guide will guide you step by step through all the basic settings so that you can create the optimal basis for your business and get the most out of our functions.

KundenMeister Dashboard


Home: Click on the KundenMeister logo to get back to your dashboard at any time. You can also replace the logo with your own.


User preferences: Click on your user profile to change your user settings, ask for help or to log out.


Quick search: Search your database for relevant contacts, tasks, projects, sales opportunities and much more in just a few seconds.


Notifications: We will keep you up to date and notify you regularly about new features and KundenMeister updates.


Comments: With the comment function, you can keep an eye on the notes you recently added about contacts, tasks and projects.


Navigation: Click on the relevant modules to access individual functions.


Quick access: Use the dashboard buttons to carry out functions even faster. You can also create your own buttons to create the ideal workflow.

User preferences

In the user settings you can define important functions and settings for your personal user profile. Here you can, for example, change your password and the system language, save a profile picture or define which notifications you receive for which module and which tabs and buttons you need for your daily work.

Settings for dashboards, modules, etc.

In the main navigation page of the KundenMeister, in addition to your modules, you will also find the menu item “Settings”, where you can make general settings for the layout and navigation of the KundenMeister. For example, you can adapt the colors of the system to your corporate design, create your own fields for all modules or add new areas to your dashboard.

Furthermore, all basic configurations for your various modules, such as the definition of contact groups, distribution lists, sales opportunity phases, etc., is made within the corresponding module under “Settings”.