Address Management

KundenMeister is a professional address management software that allows you to quickly and efficiently manage addresses and structure your contacts.

Address Database

The KundenMeister is also the optimal software for online address management. As the fundamental basis of the CRM system, the KundenMeister address management enables efficient management of contacts, addresses and telephone numbers. Whether customer, partner or supplier – with the help of the extensive contact data you can optimally support your contact groups with just a few clicks. Numerous functions of the customer management software facilitate your daily business life and thus create the ideal solutions for companies and users from various industries. Thanks to the link to other software modules, the features go far beyond the usual CRM address management. Personalized newsletters, automated billing, and easy organization of customer projects are just some of the benefits that the KundenMeister address manager brings. With convenient search functions via quick or detailed search, with just one click, your contacts can be called up in the address management software in seconds and you can then access the corresponding contact profile and plan further measures in a structured manner.

Contact Manager

Many companies face the challenge of managing a large number of diverse contacts and addresses efficiently. The KundenMeister address management software enables easy contact management within a single address database. In addition to creating individual contacts, the KundenMeister allows you to create individual contact groups – so you can keep track of your contact groups and optimally align both marketing and sales activities to the needs of your customers. No matter whether it is 100, 1,000 or 100,000 addresses, with the KundenMeister CRM software you can carry out your address administration online, anytime and anywhere. Above all, this benefits your sales representatives. Whether for appointment preparation or follow-up, employees call up the online address book, add tasks, documents, notes, etc. to the appropriate contact and the data is synchronized and immediately available to other users of the company. The KundenMeister contact manager is not only characterized by its timeliness, but also lets you react much faster to inquiries or complaints.

Better Service with the KundenMeister Address Management

Unlike ordinary address management programs, not only does KundenMeister map all of your contacts into an address book, but it also generates a rich database that helps you make your business operations much more efficient and successful. A clear contact history allows access to previously purchased products, areas of interest, communication that has taken place and much more. In this way, you can adjust to the customer’s situation or visit directly to circumstances and address them with additional solutions. Your customers will love their professional service and consulting!

Address Management in the Cloud

With the KundenMeister, you get a user-friendly cloud application that lets you manage your address database online. Thanks to the intelligent software, you save a lot of time and money to maintain an address book in Outlook. The CRM for address management allows the easy and comfortable comparison of the KundenMeister contacts with those of other systems and contact databases, such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird etc. Even the conversion from these systems to our address management software is absolutely no obstacle. Thanks to the contact import you can easily import your addresses from different sources into CRM address management.

Manage addresses – with the KundenMeister this is now easy and uncomplicated!

Advantages and functions of our address book software

  • Available online anytime
  • Always up to date
  • Real-time synchronization
  • Comfortable search
  • User-friendly customer administration
  • Structured listing of your contacts and contact groups
  • Overview of all important information and documents about a contact
  • Storage of letter salutations for personalized form letters, e-mails and SMS newsletters
  • Definition of contact persons (in this way, company organigrams incl. employees/departments etc. can be displayed)