Contact Groups

For the optimal management of your contacts, the KundenMeister includes an easy-to-use and intuitive master data management of the contacts.

Simple and Targeted Coordination of Your Company Activities with Contact Groups

A contact group is the summary of contacts. These contact groups can be, for example, customers, partners, interested parties or even employees. In the KundenMeister, you can manage and maintain any number of contact groups. In addition, it is possible to assign a contact in the CRM system to one or more contact groups.

Personalized e-mail newsletters can then be sent via these contact groups. By sending an e-mail newsletter directly to a contact group, you save time because you no longer need to select each recipient separately.

How to create a new contact group step by step you can read here.

KundenMeister Organization Chart

Efficient CRM by immediately addressing the right contact person!

Within your contact groups in KundenMeister you have the possibility to display an organization chart using the column function. The advantage of this is that you can view the contacts of the respective company with a mouse click and thus gain an overview of the main contacts and contact persons of the company and its departments.

You can individually define which information should be displayed with your contacts under Master data – Contacts – Organization chart fields.

In addition, you can add a comment directly to the desired contact or define it as the main contact with a mouse click and define further sub-contacts (contact persons) for it.

You can find a more detailed explanation of the KundenMeister organization charts in our manual