Protocol Software

The KundenMeister protocol software helps you to capture important tasks, decisions and procedures.

Complete Documentation with the KundenMeister Protocol Software

With the KundenMeister, you can effortlessly and easily capture relevant information about projects, tasks, and important meetings within one central database. All employees can follow it at any time thanks to extensive protocol, meetings and other planned steps. Our protocol software offers you the optimal tool to distribute information in a targeted manner. At the push of a button, you can record responsibilities and deadlines in meetings, thus providing your employees with a basis for structured and organized work. Because even after years, the quick finding of contacts and documents for the KundenMeister protocol software is not a problem.

Intelligent Functionalities for Efficient Protocols

From the successful planning of your meetings, to the assignment of tasks and archiving of important documents, the KundenMeister protocol software facilitates the careful conduct of meeting protocols. Cloud access also simplifies cross-site logging, so meeting participants from all operations, whether field staff, home office personnel or overseas affiliates, has access to the current log.

The central creation and management of your meeting documents with the KundenMeister protocol software therefore saves a lot of time and money. Reworking is also greatly simplified with our tool for efficient logging – progress and open points of projects are processed in a comprehensible manner, thus enabling effective collaboration in the team.

Successful Planning and Preparation of Meetings

With the KundenMeister protocol software, you can plan your meeting appointments efficiently and invite participants to your meetings at the touch of a button. You no longer need to inform each participant separately about your appointments via e-mail, but create an appointment within the software with an exact agenda. Even adding documents is not an issue, so meeting attendees can be well-informed about your meetings. With one click, all participants receive a notification in parallel via e-mail and can confirm or cancel their participation directly.

Accurately Log Tasks and People in Charge

The KundenMeister as a protocol software makes it easy to record decisions and to-dos. Directly with your projects, you create a task list and assign the corresponding tasks to your employees and colleagues at the touch of a button. Thanks to notification via e-mail and a structured task list in the protocol software, they have a clear overview of their tasks and deadlines. Thanks to time recording, the progress of each task can be easily understood.

Create Standardized Protocols

For a consistent overview, you can create your own log templates for your sessions in the
KundenMeister. This not only minimizes the workload, but also brings a clear structure into your meeting minutes. In addition, our protocol software automatically documents changes and steps that have been made directly in the database by employees – action steps can therefore be viewed per contact, project etc. for authorized persons.

Clear Log Storage

With the KundenMeister protocol software you can save your documents online and manage them centrally in various folders. All authorized employees have access to relevant files at the touch of a button. The ability to generate your own file link also allows the distribution of your session logs in seconds and across all kinds of media and channels.