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Marketing and sales are two worlds with one mission. Our CRM software KundenMeister is the platform with which you can get the most out of both areas. Seamless cooperation promises a target group-oriented approach and efficient customer acquisition.


Calling the customer by name

Higher click rates, less effort – with our intelligent newsletter tool you can create a creative newsletter design in just a few minutes that is guaranteed to inspire your customers. And because our solution is much smarter, you can send personalized e-mails with the right message directly to the right target group.

There is more to it than that? That’s right – because with our comprehensive evaluations you lay the foundation for further sophisticated marketing and sales measures.

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The probably most powerful 160 characters

As a cloud software provider, we understand the power of continuous connectivity. Thanks to our SMS module, you can reliably reach your target groups – anytime, anywhere. Inform your customers with one click and in seconds about new offers and promotions. With us, communication is brought to the point.

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Sales department

Awaken the sales professional in you

No matter when and where you need information about your potential buyers – our sales opportunities module bundles all relevant data at the push of a button and thus supports you optimally in the care of your potential customers.

You know the needs, interests and status of your leads and are therefore able to take the right action at the right time. Sounds like a professional – right, because with KundenMeister you are guaranteed to win more deals.

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Complete at the push of a button

In sales, too, there are tiresome administrative tasks that take up time and cost nerves. With our software solution for your sales department, you can reduce administrative tasks to a minimum, create quotes at the push of a button and always keep an overview of open quotes.

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