Sending Newsletters

The newsletter is sent directly via the KundenMeister at the push of a button.

Transmission of newsletters

The transmission of newsletters is carried out at the push of a button by KundenMeister.

Before sending your newsletter to all of your recipients, you are also able to check if your newsletter is displayed correctly via test-transmission.

After the check of your newsletter you can define which clients or mailing lists should receive your newsletter by pushing the “Sending” button. Further steps are done automatically by the software.

Use intelligent filters for your newsletter dispatch!

CRM for addressing your customers according to their target groups. Before you send out your newsletter, you can use filters to restrict your recipients. This way you can ensure that your mailing only reaches those contact groups who, for example, have certain interests (entered in distribution list), have attended a certain event or have already bought certain products. It is also possible to restrict by area or other demographic data!