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Order Module KundenMeister CRM

Real sales professionals love KundenMeister. Because it’s full of sophisticated tools and features that let you get your sales work done in record time. What’s more, you’ll beat the competition and provide your customers with attractive offers much faster. And all this within one central software including an intuitive and flexible user interface.

Create orders

Faster than your customers can say “Yes”

Behind each of your clicks is incredible power and you can generate the optimal offer for each of your customers quickly and easily.

Step-by-step, our order configurator guides you through the information you need to create a compelling quote, and with fully customizable document templates, you can easily automate and standardize your quotes and orders.

Create Offer KundenMeister CRM
Exploiting sales potential

Sell with more foresight

As a true sales expert, you know how important it is for a successful deal to offer the right product at the right time. And we are also convinced: The right combination is key.

And that’s exactly why KundenMeister together with the product module provides a strong basis to avoid faulty offers within thousands of individual items as well as to recognize at a glance up- and cross-selling possibilities for maximum profit.

Order Configurator KundenMeister CRM
A quotation software as a cloud solution is already impressive. But KundenMeister is again something completely different. With interactive cost and pricing structures and automated visualization of your offer, you are guaranteed to impress your customers with the best offer. More professionally. More efficiently.
Process orders

Next level bid management

Unrestricted and fluent working becomes a real child’s play with KundenMeister. Thanks to the central database, you and your team have access to all customer- and sales-specific data, enabling you to create innovative offer packages or impress your customers with attractive pricing.

And once the deal is done, you can initiate the next phases at the push of a button and turn offers into order confirmations and invoices.

Orders Overview KundenMeister CRM
Sales reports

After the sale is before the analysis

As you would expect from a true master, professional sales do not stop with the conclusion of a deal.

At a glance you identify your profit potential and top sellers with our real-time analyses and forecasts in order to continually optimize your sales processes.

Illustration Auftraege Modul KundenMeister CRM


With the KundenMeister, a successful and fast quotation is achieved. Discover all key features and advantages.
Faster and better completion rates
Reduction of errors in calculations and data input
Increased productivity
Increase in sales
time saving in the preparation of offers