Many companies miss an important business deal because they have inadequately or not at all organized the process from initial contact to sale.


Lots of companies miss the opportunity of making business deals, due to inappropriate or missing organisation of their processes, from meeting their clients up to selling their goods or services.

Every potential customer can be a possible sales opportunity. Once the marketing department of a company has identified a customer as potential consumer, this customer becomes a so-called “Lead”. So, “Leads” are opportunities to sell products or services. In order to demonstrate this process, it is possible to illustrate a “Lead management process” via KundenMeister. Potentials of interest groups are managed consequently by “Lead management processes”.  KundenMeister also simplifies the administration and handling of qualified leads. 

The software supports marketing and sales teams of any size in organizing and handling their tasks. The more employees working in the marketing and sales departments of a company, the more important becomes the distribution of sales and marketing know-how among different people. Due to KundenMeister it is possible to record this know-how within one central platform and make it available to every single person. Thus, also the internal communication between employees can be encouraged.

Objectives of Lead-Management:

  • Centralized registration of requests and interest groups
  • Detailed information about potential customers and their needs
  • Optimization and simplification of sales processes
  • Development of new marketing strategies
  • Reporting and documentation

By using KundenMeister every interested customer, which is therefore a potential customer, can be served ideally according to his/her needs and requirements. Thus, the customer potential can be fully exhausted.

Overview of sales opportunities

The Opportunities overview displays all opportunities and allows you to perform different listings (for example, by sales phase, sales source, or sales employee responsible). Each opportunity can be assigned to an employee. In addition, you can define your own sales phases and sales sources in KundenMeister. In this way, you always have an overview of which sales phase an opportunity is in and where the request for the opportunity comes from.

Create a new opportunity

Every authorized employee can create a new opportunity in the KundenMeister and use the template for it accordingly. The sales phases and sales sources can of course be defined by each company in the KundenMeister. The sales opportunity reports react dynamically to your defined values. Each opportunity can be linked to one or more contacts. You can map a sales forecast in the KundenMeister and predict sales in a targeted manner by means of the probability of success. Of course, you can also add documents and notes to each opportunity.

Opportunities View

Each opportunity has its own overview page where the most important information about the opportunity is summarized. Here you can also add other contacts, documents and products to the opportunity. Furthermore, each employee can attach notes to the opportunity so that information can be saved with one click. All notes can then be retrieved collectively. This way you can quickly get an overview of current projects and opportunities.

Sales Opportunity Reports

Sales Opportunity Reports provide an overview of future deals and show the sales opportunities by source or by industry, as well as the different pipelines of each sales representative. In addition, the report presents a result after one month.