New customer acquisition with CRM

The KundenMeister offers you an extensive database for the acquisition of new customers.

Optimal customer approach with the help of an acquisition database

A well thought-out acquisition strategy combined with the use of professional CRM software enables you to address potential customers in undreamed-of ways. The acquisition of new customers with CRM includes both marketing and sales activities, which can be planned and controlled at the push of a button with the help of a comprehensive acquisition database.

Whether it’s telephone acquisition, direct mail or e-mail marketing campaigns – there are many ways in which you can address new customers. However, the focus of new customer acquisition with CRM should always be the collection of relevant customer data and thus the creation of a comprehensive database. With a successfully integrated CRM system, you avoid unstructured data storage in various folders and files and ensure a clear and uniform structure of contact data. The entry of information about leads into the acquisition database can be done manually, but also automatically via interfaces – for example by integrating a form into the website. Based on the contact profiles of your new customers, you are thus able to provide individual support to potential customers and turn them into actual buyers.

New customer acquisition – one database for all departments

At the push of a button, information about previous communication with leads, their interests or agreed appointments is available in the KundenMeister CRM database. This not only offers the possibility of a personal approach, but also improves internal cooperation within the company. The entire workflow, from data entry, to sending out newsletters, to follow-up via telephone, can be carried out directly from the acquisition database. This clearly defines the roles in the acquisition of new customers with CRM among employees. In addition, notes on contacts can be left within the acquisition database at the push of a button or important tasks can be assigned to colleagues.

Furthermore, the database for acquisition is also suitable for tracking and defining the status and potential of each individual lead. Priorities can be set easily and valuable time for the really promising new customers can be scheduled.