Are u ready to rock your customer relationship  with SMS marketing?

SMS Module Marketing KundenMeister CRM

We know the importance of SMS marketing and how much influence messages received via smartphone have on your target groups. This is exactly why we have integrated a powerful tool for successful SMS dispatch into our CRM software.

SMS notification

Effective communication

Whether 1, 1.000 or 10.000 recipients – with just one click we ensure the secure and reliable delivery of your SMS messages.

Fully GDPR-compliant, your readers are able to subscribe to your text messages directly on your website and, if desired, can even add themselves to the distribution lists they are really interested in. A brilliant idea that promises more intelligent text campaigns.

SMS Newsletter Registration KundenMeister CRM
SMS marketing actions

Few characters, but meaningful messages

With appointment reminders, event invitations or special offers, you can keep in touch with your customers at all time and create a very special customer experience with just 160 characters.

And best of all, you can type each of your messages very conveniently via our online SMS platform and plan the dispatch of your messages precisely in line with your messaging strategy.

SMS Settings KundenMeister CRM

Since the average user checks his mobile phone about 200 times a day, we would like to provide you with KundenMeister, a tool with which you can send crisp messages to a broad mass and turn your readers into true fans in just a few clicks.

image sms
Dialogue & customer retention

For a communication without restrictions

A dialogue in which only one person has something to say would be rather boring, wouldn’t it? That’s why the KundenMeister SMS dispatch gives your customers the opportunity to reply directly to your messages and to exchange information with you.

Quite strong! Not only your customer relationship, but also the connection. Because SMS are received even without internet access and without a trendy app – so you can reach people at all ages.

Evaluation & analysis

Optimization at a new level

We do not think much of restrictions. That’s exactly the reason why KundenMeister doesn’t have any: send an unlimited number of SMS per month, personalize your messages with direct salutations, track who clicks on links and who enters into dialogue with you with our real-time statistics, and continuously optimize your SMS campaigns – all within one system.



With KundenMeister a successful customer retention via SMS marketing is achieved. Discover all key features and advantages.
Contact with customers anytime and anywhere
Worldwide reachability of target groups
Spread important messages at low cost
Prompt customer retention
higher read rates than with regular e-mail messages